Acid Fume Extraction System

Acid Fume Extraction System Manufacturer

Acid Fume Extraction Framework is utilized to take the dangerous/acidic exhaust away from pickling tanks and keep them from spreading on the shop floor and cause contamination. Acid Fume Scrubbing System averts arrival of forceful and harmful vapors in the environment. Scrubbing liquid ingests the fumes and gases and are come back to the procedure.

Plast world have successfully become one the leading manufacturer of Acid fume extraction system in India. Our offered Acid Fume Extraction is high demanding emission regulation. Manufactured utilized latest advanced technology which also help people are shielded from the harmful fumes and gases emission. Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) is compliance to emission regulatory agency requirement. Suction slot ducts are manufactured utilizing chemical corrosion resistance FRP or polypropylene using well equipped thermoplastic workshop is fitted utilizing proper welding equipment.

Acid Fume Extraction Plants

Vast experience helps us design this system to be most cost effective. At Plast world complete Fume Extraction System is manufactured and built including multiple stages whenever required. Before final dispatch the client end the offered fume extraction system is checked on various parameters to ensure defect free product. Available in various size and designed according to the requirement given by our regular client. Highly acknowledged by our client due to its fine features like high performance, easy to maintain, less pollution, less efforts etc. many more. Additionally, we offer this at a very nominal rate to our client.

Features of Acid Fume Extraction System

  • Maintaining cleanliness in work area
  • Safety and staff and worker
  • Hygienic working atmosphere
  • Reduced risk of accident
  • Easy to maintain
  • Chemical corrosion
  • As per emission regulation
  • Operation without waste water
  • Aggressive fumes does not destroy building and roof
  • Corrosion resistant construction for particulate gas, acid removal
  • Operation without waste water
  • PH measuring facility
  • Low production cost
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Longer working life
  • Trouble free operation
  • Better safety


Applications of Acid Fume Extraction System

  • Hot dip Galavanizing plant
  • Pipe pickling plant
  • Stainless steel pickling plant
  • Coil pickling lines
  • Electroplating / Anodizing plant
  • White Fume extraction system
  • Surface treatment plant
  • Metal finishing industries
  • Wire pickling line
  • White fumes extraction for zinc kattle

Acid Srubber System Manufacturer

Being a reputed and most demanded brand in the industrial market we are even engaged in the business of design, supply and installation of complete high quality Acid Fume Extraction System, Industrial Fume Extraction, Fume Scrubbing System, Acid Fume extraction system for clean air, and so on. Plast World is offering the Acid Fume Extraction system for Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant, Pipe Pickling Plant, Stainless Steel Pickling Plant, Coil Pickling line, Electroplating / Anodizing plants, White fume extraction system, Surface treatment plants, Metal finishing industries, Wire pickling lines, White fume extraction for zinc kettle and even offer the allied equipment across India and Globe.

Our brand name is recognized in the market due to the leading prices offered by us and the flexible services, wide distribution network and superior business tactics have helped us in gaining a huge clientele has made us to cross the new barriers and boundaries. You can avail our services in below mentioned Cities and Countries where we have already have huge satisfied customers.

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